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A better way to add to your digital network.  Immerse yourself in your community by curating your Card Case with people, places, and brands.

The Gimme app provides its users with a unique QR Badge and QR Scanner to quickly allow users to add each other into their respective Card Cases.  Users will fill their Card Case with people from their neighborhood, brands they come across, and local merchants.  As users accumulate people, brands, and merchants to their Card Case they will develop a repertoire of contacts to pull from while creating Moments.





Add intention and context to messages with friends in a consolidated format.  Choose a friend, a time, and a place… and have a Moment!

Moments facilitate a seamless dialogue between people.  A Moment includes all the details needed to meet up in person.  A Moment allows the sender to add a destination in their  message to the receiver.  Gimme provides its users with a Display where Moments and Channels are held for quick access.  Moments streamline communication in order to meet in the physical world.  Frederick would have a moment with Lenny and tag Joe’s Local Pizzeria!






View what your neighborhood has to offer from an interactive map! Use the Gimme Map to browse local establishments and see what they can do for you!

The Gimme Map is a platform for local brands with brick and mortar stores to share their latest promotions, featured items, and community announcements.  The Gimme Map is where users explore their surroundings and engage with Gimme Merchant Cards. The Gimme Map includes the Browse Bar which allows non-brick and mortar stores to be discovered on Gimme as well.