The Gimme Merchant Card digitizes a merchant's physical presence and provides brands a more intimate way to interact with their customers.  Gimme Merchant Cards personify a merchant’s brand while adding another avenue to interact with their audience.  When merchants create a Gimme Merchant Card they become a node on the Gimme network, gain a digital storefront, and open themselves up for business to the Gimme community.

Gimme creates a digital marketplace out of the physical world and distributes it onto our map.  The Gimme Map is filled with Gimme Merchant Cards that allow local brands to streamline communication to their customers.  We enable brick and mortar stores to take advantage of their location in the physical world and leverage it to bring customers into their place of business.  The Gimme Map provides visibility to brands looking to connect with their community.  

For non-brick and mortar stores, Gimme Merchant cards allow a brand to differentiate themselves in the digital environment where so many things are competing for their customer’s attention.  Gimme provides brands a destination in the consumer’s hand to increase conversions for a brand’s offering.